8th Grade Technology Exploratory Overview

Your child will have my technology exploratory in 8th grade.  All 8th graders have to become "technology literate" according to the "No Child Left Behind" act.  Through completing this course and passing this course, your 8th grader will be considered technology literate.

During this 9 week course will learn how to do the following technology skills.

1)  Using Internet search engines to effectively find information they are seeking
2)  Learning about the online databases provided on Iowa AEA Online and how to use them.
3)  Learning the skills needed to create a word processing in programs such as Microsoft Word and Appleworks.  These skills include...
        a.  changing the font, size and color of words
        b.  inserting a graphic
        c.  changing the margins
        d.  spell checking a document
        e.  aligning a word or graphic on a document (left, center, right)
        f.  spacing the text in a document (single spaced, double spaced)
        g.  using the text wrap feature to wrap word around a graphic
        h.  placing tabs in a document
        i.  saving a document
4)  Creating an i-Movie to present information.  The following skills will be learned...
        a.  importing pictures to movie
        b.  importing video onto movie
        c.  importing music onto movie
        d.  creating text in movie
        e.  creating effects in movie
        f.  creating transitions in movie
        g.  realizing appropriate wait time when placing words on movie so that they can be read
h.  burning i-Movie to DVD

11.  Create a Powerpoint and present it to the class.  The following skills will be learned...

         a.  create a new slide with a theme and layout

         b.  add information to slides

         c.  add images to slides

         d.  add transitions to slide show

         e.  add hyperlinks to slide show

         f.  view and present slide show

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