The Logan-Magnolia School Media Center serves Kindergarten through 12th grade students.  Our collection includes over 15,000 books.  The collection is divided into four sections that are color coded by dots.  Picture books are color coded with a light blue dot.  Chapter books with a reading level of 1st grade through 4th grade are color coded with a dark blue dot.  Chapter books that are color coded with a red dot have a reading level of 4.1 to 6.0.  High schools books have a neon green dot on their spine.  Books that are considered mature have a neon green label on the top of the book's spine.  Only junior high and high school students are allowed to check out mature books.  Our library collection supports our school's Accelerated Reader program.

The media center houses 20 laptop computers for students to do projects and research on.  It's attached to a computer lab that contains 34 desktop computers. Teachers wanting their students to work on computers can sign up for either lab .  Teachers also have the option of checking out two mobile labs from the library for their students to work with.

Welcome to the Logan-Magnolia School Media Center


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